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Tris(2-phenylpyridine) ruthenium

Di(2-phenylpyridinium) acetylacetonate



Bis(1-phenyl-isoquinoline)(acetylacetonate) ruthenium(III)


8-hydroxyquinoline aluminum



  • Record-breaking high luminous efficiencyRecord-breaking high luminous efficiency
  • Bright colorsBright colors
  • Long working lifeLong working life
  • Various mating materialsVarious mating materials
  • Special purification process and equipment
Special purification process and equipment
27th Finetech Japan
Guanneng team "17" and then Ming Mingshan
IMID2016 Korea Display Exhibition
Overseas Chinese Entrepreneurship and Innovation Achievements Show was took at Nanjing International Exhibition Center on October 26-28, 2016
2017 Display Week
Nano Gold Can Be Used in Homogeneous Sol Particle Immunoassay
Our Care and Help to the local welfare families warms their Hearts


OLED driver interface and LCD What is the difference?

OLED drive interface more widely, not only support 8080,6800 parallel port, also supports SPI, I2C and other commonly used LCD interface, the circuit connection is very convenient.

OLED Why wide temperature?

OLED light-emitting materials are solid, in different ambient temperature, the physical characteristics of stability. The liquid crystal is between the liquid and solid material between the temperature is too high or too low, the physical characteristics will change, seriously affecting the display.

OLED and LED compared to what advantages?

Compared with LCD, OLED with active light, no backlight, no viewing angle, light weight, thin thickness, high contrast, fast response, wide temperature range, soft display, seismic ability, simple process and a series of advantage.

What is the relationship between power consumption and lifetime and brightness?

The size of the power consumption and the number of pixels lit has a direct relationship with the LCD with a backlight compared to its much smaller power consumption, life and brightness are directly related, inversely proportional.

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