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GuanMat Optoelectronic Materials, Inc. offers custom synthesis and OEM chemical manufacture of organic semiconductors and intermediates (such as OLED building block compounds).  It is a Sino-American joint venture located at Pingxiang in Jiangxi Province of PR China, covering an area of 21.4 acres (130 mu).


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The company's technologies are originated from constant innovation based on over 30 years work experience accumulated in the United Kingdom, the United States and China. Since the establishment in 2012, GuanMat has built up facilities with multi-tons production capacity and quality assurance analytical instruments for OLED intermediates as well as organic semiconductors used for OLED, OTFT and OPV. The company has been awarded as a National High-tech Enterprise in 2015 and certified manufacture quality management and environmental management system of ISO 9001/ISO14001. Our products have been sold to our customers in China, South Korea, Japan and other countries.

GuanMat is one of the strongest enterprises that posses the whole set of production technologies of OLED intermediates, OLED organic materials and purification equipments in China. We carry out our business principle of “advancement in technology, refinement on products and priority for customers”, and strive to work hard with strong integrity to create value and win-win cooperation relationship with our customers and institutes all over the world.

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