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27th Finetech Japan

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Japan Touch Exhibition Organizer: Reed Exhibitions Japan Ltd

Japan Touch Exhibition Scale: 110,000 square meters, 1,200 exhibiting companies

The total number of visitors to the Japan Touch Show: 57,177 (including the same period exhibition data)


FINETECH JAPAN 2017(第27届FPD制造设备及技术国际展览会与专业研讨会)由励展博览集团主办,是世界最大的展示平板显示器专业、触控面板行业的展会, 代表全球FPD行业的领先水平,每年展会展示了行业FPD制造设备和生产科技的最新技术和研发趋势,展会特设四大主题:TOUCH PANEL JAPAN -日本触摸面板、Display、Printed Electronics Fair -印刷电子产品、有机EL与中间体材料。    我司在展会上展出了效率好,纯度高,被客户广泛认可的中间体材料,而且还在会展期间与来自中、日、韩、美等国业内知名的专家相互探讨了目前中间体市场情况及未来材料市场的导向。

FINETECH JAPAN 2017 (the 27th FPD Manufacturing Equipment and Technology International Exhibition and Professional Seminar) is hosted by Reed Exhibitions and is the world's largest exhibition of flat panel display and touch panel industry, representing the world's leading FPD industry. Each year, the exhibition showcases the latest technologies and R&D trends of FPD manufacturing equipment and production technology in the industry. The exhibition has four major themes: TOUCH PANEL JAPAN - Japan Touch Panel, Display, Printed Electronics Fair - Printed Electronics, Organic EL and Intermediate Materials .

At the exhibition, our company exhibited intermediate materials with high efficiency, high purity and wide recognition by customers, and also discussed the current intermediate market with well-known experts from China, Japan, Korea and the United States during the exhibition. The situation and the direction of the future material market.

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