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Guanmat climb Mount. Mingyue on“17”

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For strengthen health, team further communication, Guanmat climb Mount. Mingyue again on spring.

Mingyue Mountain, National Park of China, National Geological Park, National Forest Park, is situated in the southeast of PingXiang City, JiangXi Province. It consists of four scenic areas: Taiping Peak,YuJing Peak,Old Peak and Yang Mountain, FaYun Border. The main peak, Taiping Peak with the height of 1735.6m.Since the the shape of the whole mountain is semicircle, like moon, so called Mingyue mountain.


Guanmat climb Mount. Mingyue on“17”


In May, there is still a little bit cold in the maintain, but don`t reduce our enthusiasm. We help each other, climb on the top of the mountain, enjoy the beautiful scenery.

This activity is a good team building for our Guanmat team.