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OLED driver interface and LCD What is the difference?

OLED drive interface more widely, not only support 8080,6800 parallel port, also supports SPI, I2C and other commonly used LCD interface, the circuit connection is very convenient.

OLED Why wide temperature?

OLED light-emitting materials are solid, in different ambient temperature, the physical characteristics of stability. The liquid crystal is between the liquid and solid material between the temperature is too high or too low, the physical characteristics will change, seriously affecting the display.

OLED and LED compared to what advantages?

Compared with LCD, OLED with active light, no backlight, no viewing angle, light weight, thin thickness, high contrast, fast response, wide temperature range, soft display, seismic ability, simple process and a series of advantage.

What is the relationship between power consumption and lifetime and brightness?

The size of the power consumption and the number of pixels lit has a direct relationship with the LCD with a backlight compared to its much smaller power consumption, life and brightness are directly related, inversely proportional.

OLED lighting will replace the future of LED lighting it?

The current development of LED lighting in the ascendant, as incandescent, fluorescent light after the third generation of light.

OLED lighting and LED lighting are part of the green semiconductor lighting technology, with high efficiency, long life, mercury and other toxic and harmful substances, no UV and infrared radiation, green and so on. The current international view is generally the development of OLED lighting technology is probably lagging behind the LED lighting technology for about two years.

From the product features and current technological development level, we believe that in the future for a long period of time, OLED lighting and LED lighting will form a complementary relationship: LED is more focused on the characteristics of point light, and OLED is focused on flat lighting Application, both play their own characteristics, in different applications shine.

From the light source characteristics, OLED and LED semiconductor lighting areas are the same, have similar electrical characteristics, can be considered in the lighting design with the use of the formation of a variety of lighting the world.

Compared to the preparation of LED need to use indium, gallium and other rare elements, OLED preparation does not exist the limitations of raw material sources. In this sense, the future of OLED lighting can achieve the most extensive application without the limited resources brought about by the development bottleneck.

Why OLED lighting is a new generation of green, environmentally friendly lighting?

From the mainstream of the development of lighting technology, the main experience of incandescent, fluorescent light to the semiconductor lighting (including LED and OLED) such a progressive development direction.

Incandescent and daylight with a similar full-spectrum characteristics, color rendering index of 100, can provide the most realistic lighting experience. However, the biggest drawback of incandescent light effect is low, in the lighting energy consumption accounts for almost the world's total energy consumption of about 18% of the background, very waste of energy. In addition incandescent lamp life is short, frequent replacement also brings the overall consumption of resources.

Fluorescent lamps significantly improve the luminous efficiency of products, saving energy, it is currently the main push on the market of light. However, the biggest drawback of fluorescent lamps is that they contain toxic substances mercury, the future if there is no matching recovery system, will cause great pollution to the environment. In addition, if the waste of fluorescent mercury into the surface water, easily converted into highly toxic methylmercury, once absorbed through the fish, such as the beginning into the biological cycle of the chain, will bring difficult to eliminate the ecological damage.

LED because of its high efficiency, long life, non-mercury, no UV and other characteristics of infrared radiation, a new generation of very promising lighting. Due to the characteristics of the point light source, it requires a lot of combination in many applications, which increases the complexity of the system and reduces the output light efficiency of the whole system.

OLED has similar advantages with LED, but also has some unique advantages, such as due to its own surface light source characteristics, the overall light uniformity soft, no need to guide the preparation of light, soft light to reduce glare part, the greatest degree of simplification The entire lighting system to ensure a high luminous efficiency, reducing the overall lighting system energy consumption.

In the current known lighting technology choices, OLED lighting of the advantages are very prominent, the future with the technology continues to mature and improve, will shine in the lighting field.

At present, OLED lighting can be applied to what areas?

The use of OLED light source is completely different from the traditional ultra-thin flat light source characteristics, the current OLED lighting is mainly used in the production of indoor art lighting and decorative lighting of senior places. Different manufacturers have introduced different shapes of lighting, OLED lighting for the follow-up scale application provides a good inspiration.

OLED lighting can be applied in what areas?

OLED light source because of its unique characteristics of two-dimensional light source can be transparent, can be double-sided, flexible and other new features, very different from the traditional light source, opened a new door lighting design, unlimited possibilities for innovation, some new lighting applications Such as lighting walls, lighting windows, lighting curtains, and the like.

OLED lighting is light, solid, can be used for indoor and outdoor vehicles, ships, aircraft and other bearer tools for lighting and lighting signal indication, for a variety of measuring equipment such as microscopes to provide standard light and background light.

OLED lighting development of the long-term goal is to enter the most extensive general lighting applications, for the world's homes and schools, hospitals, shopping malls and other public places to provide high-quality lighting.

What are the characteristics of OLED lighting?

OLED is a real flat light source, different from the tungsten filament lamp and LED point light source or fluorescent light source, with a soft light distribution of the natural advantages;

OLED only 3-12V low-voltage DC drive, mercury and other toxic and hazardous substances, no UV infrared radiation, energy efficient, green and safe;

OLED light source overall thickness of 2mm in general, with a light, thin, transparent and many other features, all solid-state shock shock, the use of temperature range from -40 degrees to 80 degrees, the theoretical life of up to 50,000 hours or more, you can apply In many areas of traditional light sources can not be achieved;

OLED no glare and strobe, brightness uniformity soft, is to achieve the best eye light source;

OLED can achieve double-sided light, a variety of light colors to choose from;

OLED flexible bending characteristics can be made into any shape of flexible light source, the lighting products will have more fantastic colors;

OLED manufacturing process is more simple, and even through ink-jet printing, screen printing and other methods to prepare large area light source.

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