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Technical advantages

Technical advantages

Technical advantages


1.Record high luminous efficiency and low power consumption

We offer highly efficient phosphorescent materials with external quantum efficiency and luminous efficiency of up to 4 times that of fluorescent OLEDs, saving up to 40% compared to current LCDs. Enabling low-power OLED displays and energy-efficient solid-state film lighting devices.

2.Bright colors

The color of the PH-OLED may be a deep red color (CIE (0.66, 0.34)), green (CIE (0.34, 0.62)) and a bright blue (CIE (0.18, 0.42)). With the development of continuous, PH-OLED organic light-emitting device materials and color types are constantly increasing.

3.Long working life

The use of highly efficient luminescent materials means a reduction in the device's operating temperature, thus extending the lifetime of the OLED, with a PH-OLED half life of 600,000 hours, 400,000 hours of green light and 20,000 hours of blue light.

4.Various materials

In addition to phosphorescent OLED materials that control the color of light, we also have compatible host materials, electron transport materials, hole transport materials, barrier materials, and nano-semiconductor charge injection materials.

5.Special purification process and equipment

We have adopted the purification of electronic-grade organic light-emitting material is tested through the test method, including recrystallization, graded gasification, double the industry and other methods of upgrading. To achieve optimal performance, a wide variety of semiconductor materials are commonly used in optoelectronic devices such as light emitting OLEDs and photovoltaic solar cells, requiring at least six different semiconductor thin film materials. The project includes a number of materials technology and application innovation.

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